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Putters Green LLC is a full service, professional lawn care company located in Madison, WI. From residential properties to condominium projects and commercial businesses, we offer a variety of landscaping and maintenance services to meet your needs.

"Our efficiency saves you money." This motto is realized through our use of reliable, "best-in-the-business" equipment (including brands such as Boss, Simplicity, and Bobcat), maintained by our proficient, in-house mechanic. We strive to offer the highest quality services every day at competitive prices.

Our experienced employees approach each project with professional integrity and a commitment to providing outstanding customer service. Trust in Putters Green today, and we promise to exceed your expectations of dependable, affordable lawn care and maintenance.

Residential Property

"Time is money" as the adage goes, and Putters Green aims to save you both. From snow shoveling and salting to lawn care and landscaping design, we offer affordable outdoor services for all seasons. Whether home or away, you can trust that we will keep your property well maintained. Let us take care of your home’s exterior, and profit from a timesaving investment!

Condominium Projects

Your property, our priority. We promise high-quality, prompt service superior to that of any competitor. Our professional service teams will remove snow, salt, and see to it that your driveway and sidewalks are free from winter hazards before you reach for your morning coffee. From spring through fall, your condominium will be pristinely maintained, outshining neighboring residences. Through all seasons, your unit will receive the same impeccable care as all others.

Commercial Business

Accessible and appealing, in any season. Rely on Putters Green for your outdoor needs, and we will ensure that your property is both safe to access and aesthetically pleasing. We strive to meet all requests. Speak with us today about the exceptional, year-round maintenance and landscaping services that we have to offer.